Where is your light in these dark times?

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that.” Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

 Seattle Skyline ©Suzanne Lorenz 2015

We live in dark times. Uncertainty, confusion, violence and hopelessness appear to be the ruling force of these winter days. It seems that our government and the unbalanced head of our nation is intent on destroying all life as we know it in the pursuit of an agenda that is single focused to benefit only one percent of one percent of the population. Schools have become guerilla warfare playgrounds, the environment a place for focused wasteland, and our bodies and minds stressed–with no secure or safe healthcare to heal us. We end up feeling powerless, fighting each other with little tolerance or compassion. We hear with horror that the nuclear clock has advanced 30 seconds and now sits at 2 minutes to midnight.

Where is the light? The unknown outcome of these events seems overwhelming. The changes appear to be tipping to the point where it’s impossible to know what is happening. And yet, I think we must hold steady. How do we find clear passage to walk through this forest of gloom? How does light filter through when all we see is darkness? Each person has her or his own solution. Generally, humans in stress or threat revert to flight, fight or freeze behaviors.   Move to a different country? Join protest groups, either non-violent or violent?  Stay still and hide, hope the storm will pass? Which one will you do? No action is more correct than another. But where will your light shine through? How will you weather these dark times?

My light will shine on peace, for myself and the world.  I’m with hope, certain all will be well. Faith for me, in the unseen and in the unknown. I will find joy in the gratitude’s of my life. And always, only love.

Seattle Skyline with Pink Clouds ©Suzanne Lorenz 2015

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