Mystery, Maps and Clowns: The Predictability of the Unknown

 Part 2: Maps

“Truth walks towards us on the path of our questions.” Maisie Dobbs by Jaqueline Winspear


Dirt Road © Suzanne Lorenz 2015

Of all the senses; vision, hearing, touch, smell and taste, my sense of direction is my worst. Put me in a car, boat or a path in the middle of anywhere and I have no idea how to navigate on my own toward an intended destination. If I don’t have a map, I’m lost.  Whether the maps are on paper or the Global Positioning System, it’s a certainty that if I don’t follow the directions, step by step, predictably I’ll end up where I don’t want to be. fullsizerender-13

A portion of an ancient map; Columbia River Maritime Museum, Astoria, Oregon

The maps for my life destinations are more obscure.  What’s the best decisions on which way to go with my art?  How should I spend my time, money and energy? Who are the people I choose to have around me? How do I follow the path to abundance and safety?  How did I find love? Where’s the map for those destinations?

Those answers may be the maps or paths that I follow by “reading” my own truth. I can follow my body map which holds my history and memory. I can pick a religious map, a 12- Step map or a financial map to guide me. I have picked people in my journeys as a map. Sometimes they were good guides, sometimes not. I want my life map to consists of creating and following a plan of what I value most in mind, body and spirit. When I feel lost, I look for that map.

“True navigation begins in the human heart. It’s the most important map of all.” Elizabeth Lindsey

Phil Stoiber Australia 2012 and 1915, 2013 Paper lithography and chine-collé Frame size: 28H x 21W inches Private collection studio 3F at BallardWorks studio, 2856 NW Market, 

Australia 2012 and 1915 © Phil Stoiber 2013
Paper lithography and chine-collé
Frame size: 28H x 21W inches
Private collection

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