Embracing Not Knowing

I currently find myself in a peculiar, though interesting dilema. For the first time in my conscious life, I have a profound sense of uncertainty about the things I don’t know, that I am powerless over. Questions about time and place, the existence of spirit, and the future of our planet seem to be occupying my thoughts more and more.image                                            Translucent 2015   ©Suzanne Lorenz

I live a very blessed life, full of love, art, purpose, meaning and service. I have lived 66 years and have learned and experienced many things. I share that knowledge when I can. And yet, I am mystified to be in this almost constant state of “not knowing”. A saying that I have heard and puzzled about says: “Embrace Not Knowing”. This presently is a contradiction to me. I would like to begin to know how to embrace the unknown with some peace and grace.

In the following months I will be posting a series of subjects about which I have the most questions. These are the things that give me the most pause and reflection. These are things that I don’t know: Are human beings in danger of extinction and will the earth survive? What is the purpose of art and creativity? Am I an artist? What is home? Will I ever be at peace with/in my body? What is enough?What is the purpose of travel? What is my legacy?What is following the light of music? What is recovery? Recovery from what? What in the world is love?  What is old and what will happen when?  What and who is God?


Light Emerging © Suzanne Lorenz


3 thoughts on “Embracing Not Knowing”

    1. Interesting article Suzanne; I enjoyed the content and photographs. You are a gifted individual willing to share those gifts with others. It is evident to me that you are “home.”

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